The Vietnam War


The Vietnam War topic is one of the most difficult and controversial one!

An unfortunate war with unfortunate cause that affected millions of lives in heroic way but saddened my grandparents’ and parents’ through so many years later. It even influenced my 80s-born generation with hardship, but at the same time, nurturing dreams for all of us.

In the Vietnam War Tour with Thu, you get to travel with me and hear my dad’s family’s patriotic background and my mom’s youth experience during the Tet Offensive.

So how to expose to Vietnam War Tour with Thu in Hue ancient city?

How should the story begin?

Let’s start with the journey with…

The French’s Invasion to Hué

To understand why America decided to jump into a war which was a thousand miles away their home continent, one has to trace back to how the Revolution of Vietnam started under the colonization of France.

The French lost totally at Điện Biên Phủ battle in 1954. Before leaving Vietnam, they warned America of the Vietnamese’s fighting spirits. However, Ho diplomatic letters to Truman were not enough to make Vietnam – America allied.

This can be best told at the Anti-tax monument, a very special yet unnoticeable monument in the heart of Hué. Despite its simple appearance, a rich history chapter of Vietnam will be clearly displayed for you here.

The Division of Vietnam

Unfortunately, America was still confidently believing in their ideology of the evil communism. Vietnam was divided at the 17th parallel. Our country again fell into more of a dilemma.

Who to blame on now…?

You will be taken to the Buddhist Crisis in Hué monument which was an excellent site to revive the picture of South Vietnam under Diem President’s regime.

The Diem’s regime

How was Diem family dictatorship like?

Let’s talk about each of Diệm’s siblings characters at Chín Hầm bunker, a special relic that captured North Vietnamese agents, anti-Diem activists and students from 1954-1963.

The Tet Offensive

This special chapter of Vietnam War history should be best told at the Hue Citadel and Imperial City.

Once upon a time the power seat of the Nguyễn Dynasty, the symbol of the ancient city was bombed out within 26-day of fierce fighting.

There was tears, loss and blood shed; and who to blame now when it was just damages left for mankind nowadays!

We will also have a tour within the Hue Citadel where daily lives of Hué would be interesting for you to see. A visit at the hidden Tay Loc airfield will help you understand its role in term of backing the Mang Ca Garrison.

The Hué victory on 26 Mar 1975

Vietnam War officially ended in 1975 with the Fall of Saigon. But, Hué was over a month liberated by the Revolution party.

On 26th Mar 1975, a Red-Yellow flag was flying at Ky Dai marking the peace arrival for Hué ancient city.

Let’s recap this victory at the Thừa Thiên Huế history museum.

Have the Vietnamese moved on yet?

How do the Vietnamese see American nowadays? Have we moved on yet? What opportunity for young Vietnamese? Do we forgive…?

Vietnam War Tour with Thu will end here for you and me to contemplate…

Tour with Thư info

The above is the best exploration journey in order to help you learn the richest part of The Vietnam War. The schedule is absolutely amendable to your liking if you have a special request on the content of tour or sites to visit.

On a side note, I’d like for you to enjoy Bun Bo Hue for lunch then we will have a nice break in a vintage coffee by the Hue Citadel. These are both my favorite places which I frequently visit and never regret spending time there.

The whole Vietnam War Tour program can be easily done in 5-6 hours depends on your curiosity level. And, I give you total flexibility to start tour anytime you want.

Tour with Thu is private tour only that includes transport, me as a guide, food and drink and tickets to sites and most importantly, you can alter/ change or amend the itinerary to match your interests.

  • Entrance fees for all visits as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Thư as your English speaking guide
  • Full 6-hour standby air-conditioned vehicle
  • Lunch and drink at café
  • Cold drinks and snacks throughout the tour
  • Booklet of recommended further reading

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