Nguyen Feudal History


Nguyen Feudal History is an common topic that most of visitors to Hue would like to learn.

Hué ( period 1802 – 1945) was a flourish capital of Vietnam which was ruled by a family called “Nguyễn”. Palaces and Prince residence were up, market and trade bloomed, art and folk lore rose up making Hué a stunning and lively feudal society.

To understand Nguyen feudal history and its universal importance, I recommend you to craft your itinerary as follow:

The Hue Citadel and Imperial City

As soon as gaining the power, Emperor Gia Long immediately set up his ruling palaces. A brilliant architect he was, the Hué Citadel stood firmly throughout the entire Nguyễn history, however, having serious damages during the Vietnam War.

It would be a pity for those who love exploring this kingdom not to spend half a day here. While the main tourist site is the Hué Imperial City where showed the glory of Nguyễn Kingdom, the Hué Citadel is a lively walled city with most unique Vietnamese way of life one must get lost in this secluded compound.

Finally, another topic of history you can exploit in this compound is the Tet Offensive, a tragic yet notable part of Hué history that you can only seek for more knowledge while in Hué.

Gia Long Mausoleum

To honor the man whom founded the country Vietnam, you must visit Gia Long tomb.

A stunning off the beaten track site which is 20 kilometers from Hue center, this is the first Nguyễn Emperor’s resting place with unique architecture and history. Tomb of Gia Long is also a fine example of Feng Shui set in the Hue countryside.

Khai Dinh Mausoleum

An interesting piece of artwork set in the early 20th century marked the transition of Hué history to modern colonization period by France.

This also showed the loss of control from the Nguyễn Dynasty to the colonist whom had such a strong grip on Indochina region for its rich natural resources and cheap labor.

Nguyễn was losing trust from their peasants while dealing with French influence within their political share. Meanwhile, Vietnam revolution was rising up as a symbol of freedom and equality.

Tomb of Khai Dinh would be a perfect example to learn the downfall of Nguyễn in 20th century and eventually ending in 1945.

The chapter of Nguyen feudal history has closed! What opened for Vietnam next?

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The above is my best idea in order to help you learn the richest part of the noble family of Nguyễn. The schedule is absolutely amendable to your liking, even on the tour date.

On a side note, I’d like for you to enjoy Bun Bo Hue for lunch then we will have a nice break in a vintage coffee by the Hue Citadel. These are both my favorite places which I frequently visit and never regret spending time there.

The whole program can be easily done in 5-6 hours depends on your curiosity level. And, I give you total flexibility to start tour anytime you want.

Tour with Thu is private tour only that includes transport, me as a guide, food and drink and tickets to sites and most importantly, you can alter/ change or amend the itinerary to match your interests even on the tour date.

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