The Arkansas Experience


On September 2015, I applied for a Fellowship called, Professional Fellow Program hosted by the US Department of States in partnership with American Councils.

The process required me to submit a proposal of what changes I want to make for my community, an one-on-one interview with American Councils’ representative and finally an visa interview at US Embassy.

There I was, in United States of America, “the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”!

Why Arkansas?

That one question I get asked often when touring with visitors. I guess it was my fate to be there in Little Rock with the people at Arkansas State Tourism and Global Ties Arkansas, two organizations that had such strong connection with me during my time in The Natural State.

And many inspiration and good fortune came to me due to this destined placement.

My Arkansas experience couldn’t been better without the people I worked with. I was shadowing my co-workers at the Little Rock Convention Center and Visitors Bureau for the whole weeks. I got exposed to from clients’ meeting and venue arrangement to meeting with the Mayor of Little Rock city and even encountering with Governor of Arkansas State, Mr. Asa Hudchinson at his private mansion.

It was a privilege to meet with Governor and madame Asa Hudchinson.

I got to present my country, my passion and what I dreamed of changing for better in my hometown to the Board of Director of Global Ties Arkansas.

Presented in front of the Board of Director at Global Ties Arkansas.

And I met Mr. Rush Deacon, CEO of Arkansas Capital Corporation whom one year later, asked for my support in one of their projects in Vietnam. I am glad that I did not disappoint him!

And, most importantly, my Arkansas experience would not be filled to the fullest with the friendship and trust I made with people in Arkansas whom I stay in touch in the past three years.

I came back to Vietnam in the same year with strong motivation of starting a business. The thirst of bringing a closer image of Vietnam to foreign visitors has urged me to open a travel agent that help visitors to have a better understanding of Vietnam and its people.

That’s how Hue Walking Tour and Bee Bee Travel were founded.

And now Tour With Thư continues my mission and also helps to encourage all young Vietnamese women to dream free, to take action and to be brave for any changes you want to make in your life!

Tour With Thư – #proudtobefemale

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