The Obama’s Speech


In my The Arkansas Experience post, I talked briefly of how I ended up interning in Little Rock, Arkansas then came back to Vietnam to start my travel venture in Hué.

Not only that, I was invited as one of the 500 young leaders in South East Asia who had a wonderful chance to attend Former President Barack Obama’s speech in November the same year.

500 young leaders in south east asia
500 young leaders met at KL to solve South East Asian issues.

And, this time, he was delivering his speech in Kualar Lumpur!

So there I was, in the land of street food, Twin Towers and multi religions.

Obama’s speech was hosted at the Town Hall, University of Kualar Lumpur. In fact, the Professional Fellow Program is his own initiative to encourage young people in their journey of changing the world to be a better place.


Through collaboration, understanding and peace talk! They are what humankind needs in a world of segregation and individualism now.

tour with thu
I was sitting on the third row from Former President Obama.

What did he talk about at the YSEALI Town Hall Meeting?

Former President Obama appeared on the stage in an active manner which to me was impressive and charming. I was lucky to be sitting on the stage with him because of my Vietnamese traditional outfit.

He firstly talked about his connection with South East Asia as a young boy in an Indonesia island then expressed his wish to strengthen US relationship with ASEAN countries.

Government and even businesses don’t have all the solutions. We’ve got to have a relationship that’s from the bottom up, not just from top down, not just among the most wealthy and powerful, but also from ordinary people who are trying to give opportunity to everybody.

Former president Obama especially addressed.

He also emphasized on the connection between people, especially between young people in South East Asia and with United States.

“Connecting each other and understanding each other can have a profound impact! Young people like you are going to define future of this region for decades to come.”


How did Obama’s speech influence me after?

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